Engelmech Designs

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Hi, I'm Genavieve, and this is my personal and professional portfolio. Located in a little town south of Boston, I'm always busy with my art. My fields of work include graphic design (print and web), toy design and engineering, illustration and sculpture. I specialize in doll repaints/faceups, designing and making doll clothes. My favorite dolls to work with are 1/6, 1/3, and 1/4 size fashion dolls and ball jointed dolls. I also occasionally make costumes, and I'm really good at the game Telestrations.

On this site, there is also instructional material about doll customizing. Check out the Doll Design - Tips and Tutorials section to see how I do things. If you're interested in commissioning me for doll works, please see my commission section for rates. Feel free to email me with any questions!